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Magnolia 718 18-Inch Horsehair Line Floor Broom

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Weiler 42002 24" Block Size, Black Horsehair Fill, Fine Sweep Floor Brush

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Superio Kitchen and Home Horsehair Broom With Wood Handle, Fine Premium Bristles - Heavy Duty Household Broom Easy Swiping Dust And Wisp Floors And Corners

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Premium Horsehair Broom Natural Bristles, Durable Beach Wood Brush Head Genuine Horse Hair Bristles, Swiss Made Sweeping Broom - Parquet, Solid Hardwood Floor, Tile Surfaces, Anti-Scratch. by Superio

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Magnolia 724 24-Inch Horsehair Floor Broom

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Nessentials Swiss UX Move Broom Smokey Full Horse Hair with 5 Piece Aluminum Handle

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Horsehair Broom Premium Multi Position Brush Head, Beach Wood & Genuine Horse Hair Bristles, Durable Metal Handle, Swiss Made Sweeping Broom Parquet, Solid Hardwood Floor, Tile, No-Scratch. By Superio

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REDECKER Horsehair Broom and Stainless Steel Dust Pan Set, 35-3/8 inches, Durable Oiled Beechwood Handles, Sturdy Tip-Proof Design, Resilient and Effective Natural Bristles, Made in Germany

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Concrete Broom 24" Natural Horsehair Wide Wood Block


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