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Sammons Preston Clip Shoehorn, 3.5", Steel, Clip & Slide Design Allows User to Insert Foot Without Holding Shoe Horn, Adaptive Dressing & Independent Daily Living Aid for Handicapped & One-Handed

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Sammons Preston Plastic Shoehorn, 18" Long, Blue, Handle has Hanging Loop, Smooth Plastic is Lightweight, Durable & Comfortable to Use, Adaptive Dressing Aid for The Elderly, Disabled & Handicapped

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Sammons Preston Stainless-Steel Shoehorn/ Sock Aid, 18" Long, Dual Function Plastic Handle with Curved Hook Makes It Easy to Pull Up Socks, Independent Daily Living Aid for the Elderly & Disabled

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Sammons Preston Shoehorn, 19.5" Red, Dressing Aid for Limited Reach & Range of Motion, Long Shoe Horn for Shoes, Boots, & Sneakers, Heel Protecting Shoehorn for Elderly, Handicapped, & Disabled users

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Sammons Preston Basic Assistive Device Kit II, Reaching Tools for Limited Range of Motion and Mobility, Long Handle Extension Tools, Shoehorn Dressing Aid, Sock Aid and 32" Reacher

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Sammons Preston Reacher, Blue, 26 Inch, Grabber Reacher Tool, Lightweight Trash Picker Grabber & Garden Nabber, Handy Aluminum Picker Up Tool & Reaching Claw, Portable Reaching Assist & Dressing Tool

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Sammons Preston Hip & Knee Equipment Kit with Assorted Daily Living Tools Including 32" Reacher, Sock Aid with Handle, Plastic Shoe Horn, Bendable Contoured Handled Sponge, and Rigid Leg Lifter

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Sammons Preston Compression Stocking Aid, Size Large Compression Socks Donner for Applying Tight Compression Hose, Flexible Plastic Dressing Tool with 24" Long Rope and 6" Wide x 10" Long Foot Cup

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Sammons Preston Hip & Knee Kit, Recovery Kit for Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery, Assorted Daily Living Tools Including Sock Aid, Bendable Contoured Sponge, 24" EZ Slide Shoehorn, 26" Reacher Tool


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